The Rock Boat XIII w/ Yacht Rock Revue™

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Miami > Great Stirrup Cay

The Rock Boat XIII

Thirteen. It’s the most avoided number on the planet. Buildings skip the 13th floor and cities skip the 13th Avenue – so you may think we’re planning to just fast forward to TRB 14 next year.

Not a chance.
In typical fashion, we’re taking the ‘unlucky’ demons and sending them swimming with the fishes. This year we’re celebrating Lucky Thirteen! We’re overloading this boat with nothing but luck, so even if you’re among the most super of superstitious, good fortune is sure to be on your side on The Rock Boat.

We’ll start in Miami and set sail February 24 - March 1 aboard the Norwegian Pearl, a new ship for us to explore. We'll set off on a 5-day journey to Great Stirrup Cay, our own private island. You’ll have the privilege of rocking out to non-stop music at sea all the way there and back, and we’ll even have our own 2-day private beach party on the island, complete with even more music!   Learn More

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