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Don't want the same old same old for your wedding? You're in the right place. PleaseRock will be happy to make your wedding one to remember. You're welcome in advance!

  • Yacht Rock Revue™

    #1 Yacht Rock® Band in the Universe!

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  • Yacht Rock Schooner™

    They'll throw the smoothest dance party on the high seas, taking you and...

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  • PleaseRock DJ's

    DJ RaeTone & DJ Mp3Po have a deep knowledge of the yacht rock era, but also...

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  • Please PleaseRock Me

    The Beatles as seen through the twisted lens of PleaseRock: Beatle-ology from...

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  • Constantly Awesome

    The un-wedding band wedding band: U2, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, The Stones...

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  • The After Party

    They'll play your favorite party songs from 60s pop to 90s rock, and all...

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  • Saved by the Band™

    Satisfying Your Rock Needs From the '80s, '90s, and Beyond.

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  • The Whiskey Gentry

    An Atlanta bluegrass band of misfits that defy categorization in ATL's...

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  • Blair Crimmins and The Hookers

    They bring the Ragtime & traditional New Orleans jazz to the Southeast!

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  • Convoy

    Convoy brings the golden age of Gilley's to you!

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  • MoontowerMoontower Festival Image


    A solid blend of Classic, Southern, Jam, Funk, Disco, Blues, and Rock &...

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  • Alex Gordon Hi-Fi

    Easy Listening Explorations in Baritonic Guitar

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  • Space Capone

    An entity of phenomenal musicians that share in passion for classic R&B and...

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  • Atlanta Funk Society

    A 12-piece Funk band from ATL, playing classic hits from the '60s,...

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